Audiences in Lockdown - How COVID-19 has supercharged the power of TV


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The human response to the crisis and consequent lockdown has in turn been a catalyst for a rapid evolution in audience needs, wants and behaviours.

Over these past weeks we have observed TV channels, networks and streaming services adapting at pace to manage the immediate situation and to ready themselves for a future scenario that no one can plan for. We have watched a whole new era of humanity and intimacy dawn, as talent open up their homes as makeshift studios. We have seen viewership of sports plummet and news spike ... celebrities stepping in to help teachers and provide parents with structure … families finding a silver-lining to their sofa, as they escape into the certainty of nostalgic series and singalongs. We have seen galleries, museums and theatres become TV frenemies as they vie for audience attention and we’ve borne witness to a paradox: the resurgence of traditional Public Service Media and the meteoric rise of new streaming brands.

Take a look at what else we’ve seen and what we think are some opportunities and actions for TV brands.

 Download the full report here