A Culture Clash of Demons and Graffiti Inspired by Robert Kirkman


We’re still buzzing and slightly bemused after the launch of our global campaign for Fox TV’s new show Outcast at Comic Con London last weekend.

After battling past Boba Fetts, Storm Troopers and dancing Deadpools we managed to get our graffiti artist Aroe to start work on the imposing mural of a frame from an extra scene from the Outcast graphic novel.

Created by Robert Kirkman of The Walking Dead fame and illustrated by Paul Azaceta, Outcast tells the story of a man possessed by demons, as he searches for redemption and delves into his dark past. It’s also really gruesome, so perfect for all the Walking Dead geeks.

The campaign kicked off in London and like falling dominoes (except in reverse…), graffiti murals will be resurrected in 11 other cities around the world at different times within a week. These include places as far flung as Sydney and Jakarta, and closer to home like Zagreb and Berlin. Fans near the murals are able to unlock the exclusive scene to watch. And once each mural is finished, it will slot into place and reveal the entire scene. We were lucky enough to have the cast in London.

Outcast Cast

We created a website to house the campaign and have enriched it with additional content from each city. Not only do you see the art in progress, you can watch the interviews with the artists and an exclusive interview with Paul Azaceta.

So in a world of cookie cutter homogeneity we’ve localised a global campaign and engaged fans in a more direct way – through driving them to the live creation of the mural abd using local talent to graffiti in their own style.

We’ve all had no sleep for the past week and have just started levitating instead.

Outcast Levitation