Zee Entertainment Enterprises

Zee Cinema

Red Bee Media remind a movie-loving nation of the magic of Zee Cinema.

The Challenge

Launched in 1995 Zee Cinema was the first Hindi movie channel of India. Whilst having a loyal audience, and being the market leader within the genre, it was also perceived as old and jaded. The channel needed to invigorate its image to become younger and more contemporary.

The Solution

The tag line of the channel is “Movie Masti Magic” (masti being the Hindi word for “fun”). Our creative solution places Zee Cinema at the heart of great movies, made up of that magic stardust that makes a film great.

Be it a sprinkling of stars, an iconic moment of birds in flight, or fluttering rose petals, the logo is introduced through a series of beautiful animations that reflect a range of genres and remind viewers of the magic that makes the channel so special.

The Result

The new channel identity launched in India in October 2011 and has since rolled out to Zee's international markets. Our clients were very happy with the end result:

“Right from the start, the ease of dialogue with the Red Bee team made them an agency of choice for us. The work flow was smooth and they provided clever solutions to our communication needs.” Joy Mukherjee, Creative Director