Rebranding Telemundo as it aims to become Latinos' first choice in entertainment and information across all platforms and devices.

All eyes are on Telemundo in 2018. Backed by NBCUniversal and Comcast and investing heavily in content for the new Latino audience who are fluent both in Spanish and English.

We helped Telemundo achieve its ambitions to design a campaign and brand package that embody 'the new voice and the spirit of today’s Latino'. We unlocked a key nuance that ties disparate but fiercely proud Latinos to one another: their fighting spirit and their desire for more. This is summed up in the brand line 'Together Unstoppable'.

This year saw them outbid their rivals for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, achieving their highest ever viewership. It was at this moment that they launched their first brand spots, created by Red Bee, as Mexico beat the current World Cup holders Germany 1-0.