World Cup 2022 promo spot


Have you watched ever watched a football match in Spanish?

Everything is heightened.


The passion, the excitement, the colour, the volume. Not only that, but the fans in the US Hispanic community will be increasingly excited about their country qualifying for the biggest tournament in the world, in one of the hottest places on Earth - Qatar.


The heat, in every sense, will be off the scale.

Our task was to create a TV spot to get Hispanic-Americans’ pulses racing. Aired exactly one year out, Telemundo wanted to raise awareness that it has exclusive rights to the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Spanish.


We collaborated with Mainframe to create an eye-catching visual treatment inspired by player heat maps. Footage was painstakingly rotoscoped and the treatment carefully applied to reflect the build up of excitement and the high and lows of the world’s most beautiful game.