Dynamo Unlock


We created a cross-platform campaign to offer Dynamo fans an exclusive preview of season 3.


Our brief was to excite Dynamo fans about the launch of season 3 of Dynamo: Magician Impossible on Watch.


We identified one powerful unifying truth about the hardcore fans – above all else they love to see new magic and, if they get a sneak peek, they take huge pleasure in talking about it in social media.

Red Bee devised a cross-platform campaign to cater to this tech savvy audience, launched with a roadblock promotion and involving the creation of a second screen experience that allowed fans to unlock new Dynamo content and share their experiences within the same portal. The experience culminated in loyal fans unlocking the whole of the first episode a full week ahead of transmission – a UK TV industry first. To enrich the experience further, fans saw their tweets played out in real time on their TV screens during the show, with the best tweets then repurposed during the week before the on-air launch to promote the show to other viewers.


The campaign generated over 30,000 unique visitors, building to over 190,000 page views.  Nearly 5,000 loyal fans watched the whole of the online preview.  On the launch night of season 3, Watch became the number one pay TV channel and the 5th biggest channel overall, beating Channel 4.  Over 1 million viewers watched episode 1 on air, giving Watch its highest share of the year.

Unlock Codes

During repeats of season 2, Dynamo revealed codes allowing users to unlock exclusive online content

Social Integration

The app encouraged social chatter with the best tweets displayed live on air

Exclusive Content

Viewers who collated all the codes, were able to watch the premier epsiode online before it was broadcast on TV