Living TV Group (VMTV)


Despite a strong brand name and a good position on the EPG, Virgin 1 was failing to punch its weight on the ratings front. So we turned to a little devil to give it a helping hand.

The Challenge

Without a real connection to its viewers and a consistent promise to draw them in, Virgin 1 was a brand in search of a personality.

The Solution

We created a personality in the shape of Red, a woollen puppet. As a puppet he can get away with the edgier and braver material that’s a good fit for the channel. And although he is most certainly a devil, he’s always just on the right side of wrong.

The Result

  • Virgin 1 achieved a 39% YOY share increase, with average reach up 15%
  • Page impressions and unique users to the Virgin 1 website increased by 426% and 200% respectively
  • TV buyers find the channel more attractive to buy and recommend to their clients
  • 4 months after launch, more than 70% of under-55s were aware of Red