Drawing on brand heritage to revitalize a brand for a digital future.

NBCUniversal asked us to collaborate with them and strategist Lee Hunt to help to give the brand renewed focus. We focused on refreshing our brand proposition to make it more open, inclusive and celebratory and developing a much-needed brand personality that functions on a ‘brand as a peer’ level.

A new name to signal a new focus

We worked with multiple global stakeholders to oversee a name change: from the singular Universal Channel to Universal TV – signaling innovation for a new era and a desire to feel more platform-agnostic.


A key principle was increasing channel attribution of programme titles, which we achieved through the development of two customised fonts and a lock-up that that puts Universal TV front and centre in all communication.

Objectiv was hand-cut by foundry Dalton Maag to sympathise with the new Universal TV logo and to deliver programme information.

Bressay captures the new conversational character of the brand and is intended for use on quotes, dialogue and audience participation elements.