TV Licensing

To launch TV Licensing’s YouTube channel, we created a warm, witty series of films which humanised that rather unpopular topic: the TV Licence. 


TV Licensing challenged us to define their ‘online’ tone of voice by creating a series of films to mark the launch of their YouTube channel.  Knowing that 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every hour, we knew we needed to create content that would be powerful enough to cut through the clutter.  The secret formula was taking TV Licence truths and transforming them into genuinely engaging online content.


We developed a unique series of short animated films that capitalise on the often absurd real-life excuses that people have used when quizzed about why they haven’t paid for their TV Licence. We teamed up with BAFTA award-winning Scottish animation collective, White Robot, to transform some of the more bizarre and ridiculous excuses into these bite-sized, shareable comedy shorts. The absolute key to success was to allow our creators the freedom to do what they do best – entertain.