A channel brand refresh designed to reinforce TV Norge’s local credentials.

TV Norge is the second largest commercial channel in Norway, a channel packed with some of the nation’s favourite comedy and light entertainment shows. Our task was to refresh the TV Norge brand identity.

Although the fundamentals of the identity were treasured there was an impetus to refresh the brand. Following the purchase of the channel by Discovery Networks our task was to re-establish TV Norge’s position as a local champion, by better reflecting the fun and warmth of the Norwegian channel’s content.

Strategic Solution

The brand logo is very well known and a symbol of Norway. However, the recent use of a metallic, 3D generated version of the logo felt corporate and cold, especially when floating above beautiful but austere vistas of Norway.


Our idea therefore was to re-focus on the humanity and playful nature of the brand, to show a connection with the real people of Norway, rather than focusing on the beautiful but faceless geography.


Together with the production team at Discovery Networks Norway, we created an over-sized logo – a physical manifestation of the brand in the real world. We then handed the iconic logo over to our audience, who were encouraged to interact with it as they went about their daily lives.

Design System

The physical logo in the idents was complemented by a design system that used the cube in a different way. While retaining the bold iconic red, we added translucence to create a distinctive ‘brand filter’ over content that could be used as a holder of programme information. The movement of the cube added dynamism and personality to the brand, delivering crisp transitions across the channel’s entertaining content.

"Red Bee have been fantastic partners in the creation of a new identity for TV Norge and we are thrilled with the results. Their strategic thinking, creative development and collaborative approach to working with our in-house production teams has made the process fun and easy."

Rebecca Roermark, Discovery Networks Norway