Joke Camp

TV Licensing

We created a humorous campaign for TV Licensing, a very unusual organisation with a very particular problem.

We were asked to highlight the increasing problem of attacks on TV Licensing enquiry officers, portray the human face of the role, and disrupt the flow of anti-TV Licensing sentiment on YouTube

Our solution was to create a mock training film that is also an engaging, amusing piece of content, highlighting the problem, while also making the enquiry officers feel more positive about their job.

Our campaign, ‘Joke Camp’, shows enquiry officers how to diffuse challenging situations using humour by learning from the way a stand-up comedian does it, dealing with hecklers on stage.

To create the films we took three TV Licensing enquiry officers and teamed them up with stand-up comedian Rob Delaney (of Channel 4’s Catastrophe and Twitter fame) who rode along with them when they visited. He then helped them in different ways through role-playing the real reported challenging (and weird) scenarios that these officers face.

The films were used to tell the story in PR, were seeded through YouTube as well as being shown internally to enquiry officers. The campaign launched to coincide with Anti-Bullying Month.