Stowford Press

Westons Cider

A brand campaign positioning Stowford Press as an authentic cider worth paying just a little bit more for.

The problem was that Stowford Press had been far too modest for far too long and no-one knew much about it. Whilst plenty of thirsty young adults were drinking it, we needed more of them. We needed a compelling story to tell them …

We knew that our audience would not only value this “local-ness” ingredient truth because it meant better product quality, but also because it gave the brand a sense of place, authenticity and identity.

"We wanted to find an entertaining and engaging way to communicate the premium credentials of the Stowford Press brand and heavily differentiate it from its competitive-set – both creatively and strategically. Red Bee’s expertise in creating entertaining content was crucial to the creative execution and we’re excited to be releasing the results of that today."

Sally McKinnon

Head of Brands, Westons Cider