The UK’s most successful TV rebrand ever.

UKTVG2 was an under-performing TV channel in the UKTV network. Despite a solid schedule featuring some great series re-runs, the channel was struggling. We gave the channel a new name, Dave, a razor-sharp personality, and drove the tone of voice home across every touchpoint. The result: the winner of multiple prestigious awards for its marketing and creative effectiveness and a runaway commercial success. 

A few years later it was time to give the brand a refresh and the Dave team came back to Red Bee for help.

The main aim was to offer an identity more in keeping with the broader range of content available, whilst ensuring Dave’s unique style of wit was still the driving force behind the brand.

Our Approach

Dave’s clear and consistent voice give the brand real standout. As part of the brand refresh, we evolved its positioning from our original ‘Dave, the home of witty banter’ to a more active and outbound one: ‘Dave adds wit to the world.’ The result is a brand that is so much more than ‘just a TV brand,’ giving Dave permission to provide wit and banter anywhere he feels like it.

Channel Idents

Take an everyday scene, and add a little bit of Dave.

The channel team has taken on the brand voice really effectively.

Dave doesn’t even always talk about TV - its brand voice is so established that it has free rein to be a part of any and all aspects of the audience’s lives.