SES Astra

Companion app

We designed a next-generation style, slick UI to demonstrate the new technology which allows multiple users to simultaneously watch live satellite TV on different devices at home. 


SES Astra wanted to showcase their new SAT>IP technology through an intuitive user interface that combines live TV, programme guides, personal and social recommendations while also allowing users to set remote recordings and manage their social activity. 


Our approach was to design and build a second screen app based on 3 key audience activities: viewing, planning and interacting. Viewing is the key expected behaviour and our UI encourages users to switch to watch Live TV from anywhere within the app while also being exposed to a depth of content choice through personalised and social recommendations of live, catch up, upcoming and most popular content.

As most viewing begins with some planning, the app features a visually rich On Now guide, mini channel guides and an advanced EPG with rich metadata for the next 7 days, as well as listings for catch-up services and recommended content. 

To personalise their content experience, users are encouraged to interact throughout the app by liking or disliking programmes. This stores their tastes and over time builds a series of more relevant and personalised recommendations. The app also allows users to pause live TV and resume watching later, set and mange their scheduled recordings as well as sharing their viewing activity socially alongside discovering what their friends and the wider viewing community are watching. 

The navigation between screens is highly fluid, with the use of a swift ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ cube rotation that encourages users to explore the recommended content and then seamlessly switch to Live TV at any time with a single swipe. The fluidity of the design and transitions encourages the user to move deeper through the content without feeling lost as the rotating transition creates a visual cue to the user that they have moved to a new section.

Visually, the design style is clean and refined using rich full screen imagery to echo a televisual experience juxtaposed with a simple colour palette and stylised iconography to create a consistent brand experience. 


The app has been created as a white label solution, ensuring the channels, language and features can easily be adapted and expanded for any operator or market. The SES Satellite TV App, is the perfect companion for a traditional satellite TV offer and is a true hybrid solution that provides the best of both worlds.

It also won Silver for Best Companion & Second Screen Prize award at the Connected TV Summit 2014 Awards. 

Live TV

A visually rich ON NOW guide and navigation screens that allow users to seamlessly switch to Live TV at any time with a single swipe.