Pro Arena


Part of a multi-channel re-brand for dynamic media group CME, PRO X needed a new name and identity to reflect a broader content strategy.


PRO ARENA was created as the ultimate destination for men who like sport, crime, action, comedy and unscripted shows.

With an overarching creative concept inspired by collective spaces within the home, the channel identity is a “man drawer” - home to miscellaneous objects: a hammer, a lighter, some screws, that one cufflink (because you lost the other one), a random dice.

A bold and minimalist colour palette that lets the highlight colours pop.

Dynamic motion theory inspired by the real behaviour of objects colliding and congregating together.

A flexible graphic system that works on air, off air and everywhere.

A quirky, fun channel identity with excitement and adrenaline at its core.

“Rebranding this channel was a big challenge because we had to find together with Red Bee Creative the right angle that could accommodate on one hand all kinds of sports and on the other a lot of series, documentaries and comedies. So, this ‘place’ had to be very familiar to a sports fan but also to a movie fan. Red Bee did a very good job in finding and creating the right balance between both sides of the channel and managed to create one big ARENA.”


Vasile Alboiu 
Creative Director, PRO TV