Part of a multi-channel re-brand for dynamic media group CME, PRO 2 had a makeover and a return to its familiar former name, Acasă.


To reflect a content strategy focused on romance and escapism, our overarching creative concept had humanity at its heart.

Inspired by collective spaces found around “Acasă” (the home), the channel identity is a pinboard of ephemera: shopping lists, party invites, photos, postcards.


A bold colour palette tonally represents the channel’s young female-skewing audience.

A revolutionary After Effects template using Essential Graphics to give the user endless creative dexterity.

Feel-good IDs set the scene for the pinboard ephemera around the home, focusing on specific moments during the day.

A completely updatable and interchangeable visual identity that has the flexibility to stay current.


“Working with Red Bee Creative, especially for ACASĂ, was an interesting cultural exchange. We had to explain to non-Romanian people some very peculiar Romanian concepts, like “Mărțișor” (a special Spring holiday) or our national day (1st of December) traditions. I was very happy to see that, at the end of the day, we were all a bunch of curious people eager to understand and learn about each other’s countries and cultures. I can say that the people from Red Bee were, for a short period of time…Romanians, and I’m thankful for the work.”

Vasile Alboiu 
Creative Director, PRO TV