Fox Networks Group

We developed a worldwide, immersive stunt to ignite global conversation around the launch of Outcast on Fox Networks Group.


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The idea

Outcast is Fox Networks Group's latest prime TV hit, based on the comic by Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) and artist Paul Azaceta. The show was set to launch globally in June 2016 and we needed to get audiences excited.

The artworks were not created in story order to tease the fans even more and increase anticipation throughout. 


Fans could follow the progress as each artwork was created and revealed on outcastart.tv.

They could also unlock exclusive geo-location activated content by visiting their city’s artwork. 


At the London Comic Con artwork an exclusive Snapchat on-demand geo-filter was created to frame the conversation.

We also created additional content for fans on #OutcastArt, including in-progress photos, a video featurette interviewing the graffiti artist and behind-the-scenes access to the cast.


#OutcastArt had a >4 minute dwell time and >4 million impressions. The campaign had 18.7 million social media views and was viewed by people in over 125 countries.


The premiere drew a record 26 million viewers outside the USA across its linear broadcast – the biggest total reach for a single episode in Fox Networks Group’s history.

 “At FOX, we’ve embarked on some pretty crazy and ambitious international stunts in the past, but nothing quite to the scale and as complex as the #OutcastArt campaign in support of our latest global TV event, Outcast! 


The team at Red Bee were the key to us all retaining our sanity. Not only did they project manage the whole endeavour, but they delivered a stunning immersive site, numerous video and social elements, and did so – seemingly – effortlessly.”