Once in a Lifetime


The period between the two Olympic Games is set to be the shortest ever – just 180 days. But even bigger, next February, NBC will be airing Super Bowl LVI - at the exact same time as the Beijing Games. 

NBC asked us to help them to create the hero marketing idea that would span those 180 days, build audience excitement, engage commercial partners, and make the Winter Olympics and Super Bowl the centerpiece of NBC’s entertainment calendar in 2022.

This momentous historic occasion – and the chance to be part of it – happens just once. For the athletes, for their families, for the fans, for the nation, for NBCUniversal. This is 'Once in a Lifetime'.

Audiences have a profound psychological need for new and for taking part in shared experiences. The pandemic has served to heighten this natural motivation. More than ever, we crave moments that remind us of our individual and generational place in the world and history. This, coupled with the uniqueness of these two events – happening at the same time, so soon after the Summer Games, and after such a long period of isolation and containment – led us to our overarching campaign idea.

It is an idea that transcends hyperbole to bring humanity. It is momentous and vast, yet personal and intimate. It implies an imperative to make the most of our lives - to not miss out on the chances we are given - because sometimes they only come Once in a Lifetime. It also brings together audiences and athletes both sides of the screen, celebrating Once in a Lifetime entertainment collaborations as well as Once in a Lifetime sporting accomplishments.

As well as the overarching campaign strategy and creative development, we developed the campaign identity including a hero logo lock-up. The design concept captures the juxtaposition of the two worlds that will come together in February 2022: the sun-drenched heat of L.A., host city of Super Bowl LVI, meets the icy climes of winter in Beijing, home of the 2022 Winter Games.

Once In A Lifetime launched at the Closing Ceremony of the Tokyo Games, kicking off a six-month long campaign.

The strategy also inspired a mini content series, produced by NBC Sport, airing during NBC’s Sunday Night Football that features sports stars and celebs remembering their Once In a Lifetime Super Bowl and Olympics memories.