AMC International

We created a brand identity for Megamax, a new channel aimed at that most discerning of audiences - 7 to 14 year old children.

The Challenge

To launch Megamax as a credible, cool new channel for 8-12 year old boys with the kind of content that gives the audience a chance to be part of something. We aimed to build a beacon brand that captured the fun and friendships of the middle childhood.

The Solution

We created spark-e and i-ron, two robots from another dimension who live in the Megamax transmission station and beam the channel to viewers on Earth. They represent everything the channel stands for: competitive and mischievous but always fun to watch.

The Result

"Creating a new and unique kids brand is always difficult but Red Bee have delivered another exceptional concept, to make MEGAMAX a fresh, cool and exciting brand - a worthy contender to battle the biggest children's brands out there!" Creative Manager, AMC International