A brand campaign to launch Kurt Geiger London’s latest products and establish a new brand asset.

The Kurt Geiger team wanted to re-establish their position as a young, unconventional, London-born brand. For the first time, their team wanted to move away from the traditional photoshoot campaign execution in favour of something a little bit different.

The idea was to launch the new Autumn/Winter collection with a fully-animated sequence that would show off the season’s new products in a fresh way. The animation would also mark the launch of the ‘Kurt Geiger Rainbow’ into the brand’s visual identity system, taking it up a level from just a product pattern.


As the rainbow travels through the brand’s leading markets, it transforms everyday shoes, bags and accessories into the brightly-coloured, rainbowed versions found in Kurt Geiger London’s upcoming AW20 collection. A rainbow wipe sequence helps to tie different scenes together in the full-length video, while also functioning as an opener and closer in shorter clips.

The characters and locations are detailed freehand illustrations composed like photographs and enhanced with a vibrant colour palette. Figures are drawn in candid poses, with expressive body language and facial expressions to evoke the edgy attitude of fashion photography, and are brought to life with cinemagraph-style animation.


Products were illustrated in fine detail from prototypes to give them stand-out from the characters and locations in the film. Vector illustrations allow all the animation elements to be lifted and repurposed for more product-centric applications across print, social and in store.


The film was planned around digital platforms from initial development through to final delivery. Each scene was crafted to keep key details within square 1x1 and portrait 9x16 formats to ensure the final film was optimised for social feed posts and Instagram Stories. This also meant creating a framing device to allow a traditional landscape film to be viewed on YouTube.


We collaborated with London-born soul artist Samm Henshaw, whose track The World is Mine amplifies the pace and energy of the animation and keeps Kurt Geiger true to its London base. 

“Working on an animated film project was an exciting new experience for me and it surpassed my high expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed the creative development process and constructing the film narrative with Red Bee Creative - a team whose creative energy was inspiring to witness. I hope all those who watch the film feel the enthusiasm that went into its creation.”

Rebecca Farrar-Hockley
Chief Creative Officer, KURT GEIGER