Our film united the visual skills of Daniel Sturridge and the lyrical prowess of Polarbear to celebrate Hyundai’s support for grass-roots football initiatives and its understanding of the beautiful game.


As sponsors of the FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euros, Hyundai has a deep connection with football. Importantly, that connection runs from the headline tournaments down to the grassroots of the game, where the Team Hyundai project supports a number of football-led initiatives for young people. Hyundai was giving €250,000 to streetfootballworld, a football charity funding life-changing work with disadvantaged young people across Europe. Hyundai wanted to showcase the work done by streetfootballworld, via affiliates like Street League in the UK, and show the positive developmental and social impact football can have on young people.


Hyundai asked us to create a film documenting the day on which Team Hyundai ambassador, Daniel Sturridge of Chelsea and England, dropped in on a Street League training session to present a cheque and offer advice and encouragement to the players. But, in doing so, also to create something with enough emotive power to be watched and shared amongst as wide an audience as possible.


Not one film, but two. One in which Daniel and Street League talk specifically about what Street League does. And another that poetically captures football's dual ability to offer an outlet for creative self-expression and also a sense of teamwork and responsibility to your team-mates. Both elements being key to the personal development work that streetfootballworld and Street League undertake with their participants, with the ultimate aim of making them more employable individuals. To create the poetic film, we enlisted the help of street poet Polarbear to create a poem especially for the film, to which we added some beautiful imagery of the skill, vision, pride, graft and camaraderie synonymous with football at its grassroots best.


Something with much more impact and shareability than a standard chronological recording of the day. Two films that show that Hyundai really understands football as well as supports it financially. And a film that could appeal beyond an audience of football fans, bringing in anyone that appreciates the power of the spoken word. Immediately upon release the film was picked up by the Mail Online, the world's most popular newspaper website, was retweeted across the Twittersphere and within days of release had garnered over 10,000 views YouTube.