Hyundai came to us with a task around breaking the convention of online ‘brochureware’ to showcase their latest car models.

Although Hyundai’s brand awareness was relatively high, brand preference and associations with the brand were relatively low compared with key competitors. Our approach was therefore to identify the most interesting product points about the key models but, importantly, to showcase them in an engaging and entertaining way.


The films have been watched over 2.3 million times on Hyundai’s UK YouTube channel since launch. The films are a case study in best practice, with 26% of viewers watching through to the end of the film (ix35).  The YouTube average is less than 4%.

"With these videos we are offering consumers something more engaging and appealing than the traditional brochure or online specifications. Today’s consumers are looking for more – they want to be entertained, informed and educated".

Andrew Cullis, Marketing Director, Hyundai UK