Dreamworks TV


Developing the first ever TV channel for DreamWorks, with a focus on its multiscreen future.

DreamWorks is one of the most iconic animation houses of our generation and its characters are some of the most recognisable heroes of the TV and film world. The company was launching its first ever TV channel that would launch first in Asia. The channel owners knew their audience make little distinction between the TV and their tablet, and they tasked us with coming up with a brand identity that would translate seamlessly across screens. DreamWorks opened up their huge library of existing animation to us and gave us the challenge of creating a new channel home that would befit such larger than life characters as Po, King Julian and Shrek.

Our brand designers and user interface design team worked together right from the start and developed an ownable signature parallax movement for OSP navigation graphics and digital interfaces.

Wherever possible, we took advantage of full-screen imagery for maximum visual impact and televisual navigation cues.

We gave the DreamWorks logo a prominent place in the brand identity to help reinforce associations between the amazing characters and the studio behind them. We also created a responsive, shorthand version of the logo for use in navigation and in small spaces.


We designed and delivered a full brand toolkit, including colours, fonts, posters and press ads.