dplay Sport

Discovery Networks

A design system for all sports content on Discovery’s online TV service.

Following the launch of the core Dplay brand identity, Discovery secured the rights to broadcast some major sporting events. The arrival of this content meant the brand needed a considerably more expansive package of elements spanning match graphics and set and studio design, to out-of-home advertising and social media assets. 


Our task was not to create a standalone Sport sub-brand but, rather, to extend the core Dplay brand assets to use across the Sport “passion vertical”. The design therefore follows the principles of the Dplay masterbrand, using its logo, font and dynamic brand expression. New brand elements have been added, including colour palette, textures and background patterns, and have been designed to be instantly recognisable as Dplay, whilst signifying to the viewer that they are within the Dplay Sport space.


Black has been used as the basis of the Dplay Sport colour palette. Taken from the existing suite of Dplay colours, it feels suitably premium for sports content, and gives a clean, simple look that sits comfortably alongside strong team and event branding.

The brand expression, a crucial visual cue for landing the Dplay brand with audiences, is prominent across all assets and takes on the blue of the micro-globe that sits with the Dplay logo. The animation of it has been quickened to keep up with the pacey nature of sports programming, broadcasting and marketing.


Background patterns, both moving and static, have been introduced to the Sport toolkit, inspired by the masterbrand’s micro-globe property. The result is a sport-agnostic pattern that is used across a range of distinctive looping backgrounds for on screen and in virtual studios, and as a static pattern to sit behind information-heavy layouts in print and social.  


The in-match graphics are clean and simple to allow for clear communication of complex information, from scores and clocks to league tables and player profiles.

The micro-globe is used in its typical dynamic form to bring on information, and is also put to use as a simple visual device to replace the traditional hyphen between match scores.

"It has been a great pleasure, again, to work with the Red Bee team. The mission was to create a developed passion vertical for our sports content, and Red Bee delivered a cracking piece of work; enhancing the brand all the way from the smallest display ad into broadcast, giving Dplay more brand presence across multiple platforms. In crazy times, with the whole world upside down, the team at Red Bee have been flexible and understanding to the challenges all of us face. The sports world is a rather conservative place with many unwritten laws, but Red Bee has challenged that with a brave and strong visual design that hopefully will put the Dplay brand in the mind of millions to come. I am truly grateful for the way Red Bee included us in the process and their way of making you as a client feel a part of the team."

Calle Östlund, Creative Director, Discovery Networks Sweden