Channel 5

A campaign to relaunch the show that defined a category.

We worked with Channel 5 to launch a new season of Big Brother through an on-air and digital campaign, under the creative umbrella of ‘The United Kingdom of Big Brother’. The 2017 line-up was purposely selected to reflect the microcosm of Britain today. We wanted to exploit this fact and the resulting friction and entertainment resulting from the mix of views and opinions.

For the first time ever, six housemates were going to be revealed before launch. With a mixture of shot and stock footage and Big Brother ‘Eye’ graphics, we created stings and teaser films slowly revealing some of the contestants' identities on air and through social.


Big Brother is always a hot topic on social media, so we created a bespoke set of emojis for fans to use on Twitter. We also created an Instagram ‘mosaic’ where each photo builds up to create a bigger image, slowly revealing six of the housemates, one by one. Using the Big Brother ‘Eye’ graphics, we also created a suite of digital assets to use across their social platforms.