Accident and Health Explainer Video

A film to educate and entertain in a notoriously jargon-filled category.

Beazley is a specialist insurer, designing insurance products to fulfil the needs of consumers across a range of areas including medical, marine, property and data. Although Beazley has been around for over 30 years, it is relatively new to the US and especially the Accident and Health sector.

We were tasked with creating an explainer video to introduce Beazley to a conference audience of health professionals.

As an insurer that prides itself on creating beautifully designed solutions for its clients, we decided to reflect this in the explainer film. As such, we specifically tailored our narrative to both our audience and our understanding of their likely conference experience.

Against the backdrop of a Colorado mountain resort offering zip-wire rides, and acknowledging our 8am conference slot the day after a drinks reception, we created a film to engage an audience of tired, hungover insurance brokers who would rather be exploring the great outdoors.