We gave BBC One a bit of a refresh with this new campaign. Think ‘google doodle’ for TV. 


The BBC One on-screen visual identity hadn’t changed for the best part of a decade. In 2013 we introduced seasonal 'New Year' idents, to launch the spring schedule and kick the year off with a positive outlook.  Our task for 2015 was to go beyond creating seasonal idents and devise a longer term vehicle that would revamp the junctions and make the channel feel more reactive and in touch with the mood of the nation.  Particularly important was the job of reinforcing the BBC One brand amid a cacophony of other BBC brands that also appear on the channel.


Red Bee developed a system to overhaul the BBC One junctions, using the space between the programmes to reinforce the brand, while also making the channel feel reactive by using the O of One as a window into the national state-of-mind. As well as some charming animated seasonal bumpers to launch the new year programming, the introduction of animated bumpers and menus to the channel gave BBC One the opportunity to tap into national events, seasonal trends and even specific content coming up on the channel plus bolster the branding. These bumpers (and accompanying menus) refreshed every month, reacting to a range of national shared moments, as well as helping raise awareness of specific upcoming content on the channel.