Your Bank


For big brands with broad audiences to serve, it can be challenging to form an emotional connection with an audience. Our work for Barclays’ Your Bank initiative set out to help the bank to share its more human side.

After a period when high street banks weren’t enjoying particularly favourable press coverage, Barclays wanted to demonstrate a change of approach, one born of a very real desire to regain the public’s trust and preference. 

Barclays asked us to produce branded content for a new marketing initiative called 'Your Bank'. This initiative invites consumers to help influence changes to everyday banking. Your Bank includes an online platform to gather and share ideas to improve Barclays’ products, services and overall banking experience. The development of Your Bank presented as much of a challenge as an opportunity. Namely, how do you make people stick around voluntarily to explore a website dedicated to everyday banking issues – not normally a high interest category? And how could Barclays show that it was and is acting on the ideas suggested? 

The Idea

Working with Barclays, we identified the stories with the most tangible and demonstrable human impact. Wherever possible, these stories were told from the customers' perspective, not that of the bank.

The first batch of eleven films included blind stand-up comedian Chris McCausland introducing Barclays’ new audio cash machines for blind and partially sighted people.

The online videos were placed within the integrated Your Bank online platform and on the Barclays YouTube channel and TVCs. The launch was supported by print, outdoor and digital advertising driving consumers to the Your Bank website.


Within the first three months of launch the campaign had clocked up 449,000 interactions, 283,000 video views and 26,900 poll votes. Most importantly, we had 3,693 ideas submitted by viewers who wanted to actively get involved.