Content Highlight of the Week: The Economist celebrates Mandela


In a week where the world has celebrated the life and achievements of Nelson Mandela, it's no surprise that the most powerful piece of content we've seen is all about Mandela and his struggle.

This interactive video for The Economist neatly and evocatively encapsulates what Mandela meant to us all -  underlining how he became a global hero, not just South Africa's champion. The beautifully crafted video leads to an interactive page where the viewer can explore Mandela's personal story and analysis of his historical impact through the thoughtful archives of The Economist. The interactive mechanism is quite straightforward, and we did wonder whether hotspotting the video may have been more involving. But perhaps the simple nature  of the execution serves as a useful reminder that if your story is strong enough, interactivity needn't be complex. People really do like their interactive experiences simple as long as they're topical, emotive and aesthetically pleasing.