Red Bee's 2018 Entertainment top 25 - Part 3


Part 3 of the 2018 Entertainment Top 25 as chosen by the entertainment obsessives at Red Bee.

15. Ahir Shah

The Edinburgh Fringe is jam-packed with some of the best stand-up on the circuit. Ahir Shah's 2018 contribution to this year's Fringe was his show Duffer, and it was at the top of our team's list. Like Shah's 2017 show, this too was nominated for the Best of the Fringe award. It's comedy, of course. But it's also a commentary on some big topics: race, mental health, mortality. We laughed, cried, and left with minds expanded. 

14. The Tiger Who Came To Tea - 50th Anniversary Edition

It might seem a strange entry for entertainment highlights of 2018 to pay tribute to a book first published in 1968, but there was a tangible wave of excitement through Red Bee Towers at the chance to work on a new edition of a book that had played such a fundamental role both in our own childhoods, and for many of us with our children. Judith Kerr created a story for the ages, and for all ages. With new theatrical versions, a countrywide set of tea parties, and a gold embossed new version this was the perfect way to mark the nation’s affection for this most perfect of picture books.

13. Beef and Dairy Network Podcast

The podcast that has deservedly won the Best Comedy Podcast at British Comedy Podcast Awards for two years in a row. The brainchild of comedian Ben Partridge, with a regular cast and guest star roles for a host of comedians including Greg Davies, Elis James, Miles Jupp, Josie Long and Katy Wix. On the surface it is a spoof magazine show, but it has grown into brilliantly skewering everything from podcasts, radio phone ins, local radio competitions, space exploration, the comedy circuit and so much more besides. The BBC in a fairly unprecedented move picked up 8 episodes for broadcast, months after they had aired independently. If you want to start somewhere, we recommend the three part investigation into psychopathic former Welsh slaughterhouse owner, turned religious cult leader Eli Roberts (played by Mike Bubbins). If you are a fan of Serial or its many imitators, “Redeeming Eli” spoofs them with hilarious accuracy.

12. UFC 229 - Khabib vs McGregor

What promised to be the biggest fight night of the year was more entertaining than anyone expected. Not only was Irish superstar Conor McGregor defeated by submission, his Dagestani opponent, Khabib Nurmagomedov then surprised everyone by jumping into the audience and attacking one of Conor’s teammates, on the grounds that he had insulted his father. Reinforcing the notion that controversy follows McGregor wherever he goes, the ensuing chaos was no doubt part of the reason it was the most lucrative event in mixed-martial arts history. Nurmagomedov remains undefeated. Bring on the rematch!

11. Spitfire

You don't have to be a fan of WWII-inspired films to be completely absorbed by this documentary about the iconic Spitfire fighter plane. The story is told personally through the memories of its last-surviving pilots - the men and women who flew the plane during the dark days of the war. It features some truly breathtaking aerial footage from the world's top aviation photographer, John Dibbs. And you might recognise the narrator: unofficial voice-of-Empire Charles Dance. It's a good 'un.

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