Red Bee's 2018 Entertainment top 25 - Part 2


Part 2 of the 2018 Entertainment Top 25 as chosen by the entertainment obsessives at Red Bee.

20. Shadow of the Colossus

A remake of the PS2 masterpiece from 2005 retains all of the beauty, inventiveness and awe of the original. Players guide the hero on his quest to bring a girl back to life by defeating 16 gigantic beasts; armed with only a magical sword, a bow and his wits. Creative lead, Fumito Ueda, has weaved a haunting world where muted colours, smoky shadows, cinematic camera angles, and sparse use of music evoke a poignant tone of desolation and solitude. The 2018 incarnation truly confirms that Shadow of the Colossus is one of the greatest games ever made. 

19. Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel

Like the audio equivalent of peeking through someone's (bedroom) curtains. Each episode is a different couple's 3 hour therapy session, condensed to 45 minutes. The couples span all sexual preferences, with one of the highlights being a man who brings out his sexy alter-ego 'Jean-Claude'. Fascinating, illuminating...

18. Beazley Designs of the Year

Beazley Designs of the Year is the epicentre of innovative and thought-provoking design where nominees are scouted around the world. This year, the 87 nominees fall into 6 categories of Architecture, Digital, Fashion, Product, Graphics, and Transport. The curation and nominees really make you question your own role in the world and how we, as individuals and collectively, can help shape its future. 

17. Black Earth Rising

"Why weren't we taught this at school?" asked Michaela Coel after her starring role in Hugo Blick's compelling drama about international war crimes and the Rwandan genocide. Having already won a BAFTA for her Channel 4 comedy Chewing Gum, we suspect Coel will be troubling the jury again next year for this dazzling performance in a very different genre. The production was ambitious and gripping. It bravely tackled a subject we wrote about in our book The TV Brand Builders, recalling a promo campaign in the 1990s for Panorama that was pulled after a number of complaints from viewers that it was "upsetting". The creative director's irate response to the overprotective duty editor was: "genocide is f***ing upsetting".

16. Love Island

2018 was the year that a show from a digital channel regularly scored the highest overnight ratings in the country. Love Island was less a water cooler show, more a merchandise-friendly water bottle show. Jack and Dani the pearly king and queen, “Loyal” Georgia, Dr Alex, multiple love triangles, and more bad decisions than a decade of Brexits. On the subject of which, has there ever been a more perfect illustration of voter confusion than Hayley worrying that all our trees would be cut down post-Brexit?. Love Island's 3,360 minutes created shared multi-generational viewing in a way that few other shows in the last decade have managed. It was live viewing, it was compelling viewing, it was a fable of our times.

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