Entertainment Picks - May 2019


The best of entertainment from May 2019, as chosen by Red Bee’s entertainment experts.

Best Documentary: AMAZING GRACE

Spine-tingling documentary of Aretha Franklin's 1972 two-day recording of what would become the biggest-selling gospel album of all time. Directed by Sydney Pollack and recorded live in a Baptist church in LA with a gospel choir, her father, her childhood friend Rev. James Cleveland, and Mick Jagger.


Vistas are a young indie band, blazing out of Edinburgh on a debut national tour of music clubs. ‘Retrospect,’ ‘Tigerblood’ and latest single ‘Like an American’ feel like the songs of bands who have honed their craft for ten years. See you in the mosh pit.

Best Film: LONG SHOT

A brilliant rom-com (who'd have thought!?), starring Charlize Theron and Seth Rogan, who dazzle in this blend of political satire and Richard Curtis-esque relationship observation comedy. The writing is whip-smart and the supporting cast are all superbly drawn.

Best TV Comedy: GHOSTS

At a time when dark or bittersweet comedies are the flavour of the month, this is a beautifully and painstakingly crafted comedy that is also just daft, silly and laugh-out-loud feel-good. Deservedly also just recommissioned for a second series.


We couldn’t do the entertainment round-up without mentioning this little fella, arguably the most hyped-up episode in the history of television. Without going into whether or not we liked it (no one is very happy, which means it’s a good compromise), it can’t be denied that we’ve had an awful lot of fun looking forward to it. Be it the currency of a linear broadcast, that gave us all an excuse to loiter in corridors trading theories every Tuesday morning, or the wallcharts hosting sweepstakes predicting who will sit on the Iron Throne, the series has offered us shared moments in a way so few entertainment properties can these days, and will be sorely missed. Just as a postscript, we highly recommend one final GoT treat: the 114-minute documentary, ‘The Last Watch', charting the making of the final series. Featuring some lovely personal tales of characters from behind the scenes, including the Czech stunt man who ended up as the Night King, and the hapless Head of Snow with his daily meteorological tribulations, it reinforces the ludicrous scale of the operation, and is worth watching even if just to see how, in preparation for the city’s massive destruction, they opted to leave Dubrovnik alone, and rebuilt huge parts of King's Landing in a back lot in Belfast.

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