Entertainment Picks - Jan 2019


The entertainment enthusiasts at Red Bee will be selecting the best from the entertainment world each month. Here are our picks for January.


Best Documentary: Free Solo

The mesmerising build-up to Alex Honnold’s free solo (rope-free) climb up El Capitan in Yosemite. In it, one of his fellow climbers describes the climb as “like attempting an event in the Olympics, but if you don’t get gold, you die”.

Best Film: Vice

The unexpectedly entertaining (for a political biopic) and, in parts enjoyably wacky, life story of Dick Cheney, Vice President and puppetmaster to George W Bush. Christian Bale is terrifyingly brilliant as the rotund Cheney, with a physique that’s pretty much the complete opposite of how he looked in The Machinist.

Best TV Series: Sex Education

It's touching, funny, kind-hearted and genuinely informative if you have teen children. The young leads are all superb, the sun even shines in a very un-Welsh way. A show that proves that Netflix can make public service broadcasting too.

Best Podcast: Blood on the Tracks

Four guests and host Colin Murray debate musical answers to questions like "What is the best song to take to solitary confinement?" and “What is the best song from Australia?” The eclectic nature of the guests and their shared passion for music makes this a treasure trove of a listen.

Stay tuned for more in February