Content Highlight of the Week: Squarespace. Building it with Bridges.


Many brands make their first foray into content with a How To guide. It makes sense –  How Tos are useful.

They build trust and preference and can often help customers get the best out of a brand or product.  But they’re not often the sort of thing you’d choose to watch if you didn’t absolutely have to, let alone share.

So it was with great pleasure that we stumbled across a how to video that’s been taken to the next level, successfully bridging the gap between utility and entertainment with, er, actual Bridges.  Jeff Bridges, to be precise.  It’s the second time ol’ Jeff has been handed the prestigious accolade of starring in a Red Bee content highlight of the week.  And, to be honest, for all the dramatic shift in character he’s made here, he may well have ambled straight from the set of the Kahlua film to the nightshoot for this piece from Squarespace. But let’s face it, the man’s damn watchable, and the sound of his gruff yet strangely soothing voice is hypnotically magnetic. He’s recently been putting that voice to good use on an album to get people to sleep (Sleeping Tapes), and to co-create and distribute that album it seems Jeff built a website with Squarespace – the website building company.  So here he tells you just how he did that, intercut with endearing scenes of Jeff out bumbling around at night whilst collecting unusual sounds for his album. It’s clear and charming, but most importantly, it adheres to Squarespace’s branded exhortation to “build it beautiful’. This is just a how to video telling us how to build a basic website.  But they really have told it beautiful(ly).