Content Highlight of the Week: Guinness Social Experiment


This week we'll let you decide if this a highlight according to your definition of the term.  What's certain is that Guinness generated a content talking point of the week.

It takes some serious stones to try something very different in the ad breaks of a peak time show like ITV's The Jonathan Ross Show, so there is much to be applauded in Guinness's ambition for content. But that might be where the applause ends and the tumbleweed silence kicks in. A silence broken only (in metaphorical terms) by a clamorous twitter reaction of horror from Guinness fans. If you haven't seen the campaign, check it out as it played out on ITV here  and here  And then pretend you'd have ventured online to find out more here.  And for our considered take on the campaign, have a look at the blog below from our Tim.