Hub by Premier Inn


When you’re showcasing the hotel room of the future, you need to use the guide of the future. Enter Hubuddy, our little robot friend.


Hub by Premier Inn is a new and exciting hotel concept with compact, but stylish rooms. The hotels  will be smack bang in the middle of city centres, and with an affordable price tag. We needed to show first-timers the (sometimes hidden) features of their room on arrival, to make sure they get the best out of their stay.


Rather than having a dry demo video to play on the room's TV screen, we created a CG robot 'Hubuddy' to give a whistle-stop tour of the room and its impressive facilities. He’s a smart, sleek, witty character whose qualities reflect those of the brand. He shows the guest where the hidden desk is, how to book for breakfast on the smartphone app, connect to the TV screen and use the AR map, to name just a few of hub by Premier Inn’s features.


An informative, yet entertaining welcome from the new brand, which should not only introduce the room's features to the guests, but also charm them.

Hubuddy showcases the room and its facilities

With such a sleek and compact design at hub, lots of things are cleverly hidden away, so we needed Hubuddy to point out the essentials. Like the location of the bin.

Hubuddy Demonstrates the Smartphone App

Everything in a hub room can be controlled by the hub app, so Hubuddy was all over it.