We created a socially-led campaign to get Londoners to think of Midtown as a destination and the place to go out and celebrate Halloween.

Halloween is now the third biggest night to go out in London (after Christmas and New Year). But no one area owns it. Midtown (the area that comprises Holborn, Bloomsbury and St Giles in central London) has a rich, layered history of myth, murder, crime and the paranormal and can genuinely lay claim to owning the spookiest night of the year. 

Derek Acorah also led our scare walk, leading guests on a tour through Midtown’s terrifying past.


The walk was combined with a gothic-themed night of cocktails and cavorting at a pop-up bar in the former Central St. Martin’s building. 

We had a headless coachman to drive a horse and carriage around Midtown to promote the event.


And, for the socially-savvy scare walk guests, we created a custom Snapchat filter.

The scare walk sold out and the pop-up bar was the place to be in central London around Halloween. But more importantly we established Midtown as a legitimate brand and got Londoners talking about it. 


The number of social engagements with the brand increased by a rather mind-blowing 183,350%. Twitter followers increased by 1317%; Instagram had a reach of 58,174 and Facebook post impressions increased by 37,636% month on month.

Most importantly we got Londoners talking about Midtown.